Fertilizer Awareness Toolkit

May 15 - October 31

This Fertilizer Awareness Toolkit provides an all-encompassing rundown of the Miami-Dade Fertilizer Ordinance and offers resources for you to spread the word.

What is the Fertilizer Ordinance?

The Florida-friendly fertilizer use on urban landscapes ordinance was adopted by Miami-Dade County in April 2021. This ordinance was developed to reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus entering our sensitive waterways and to improve the health of Biscayne Bay.

You can do your part to help protect Biscayne Bay by following these important steps to reduce excess nutrients and avoid improper or overuse of fertilizers:

Fertilizer Regulations in Miami-Dade County



Skip the fertilizer during the summer rainy season, May 15 – October 31, when nutrients do not have time to be absorbed by plant life before being washed away by frequent rains.


Use only phosphorus-free fertilizer, as our soil naturally contains enough phosphorus to sustain plant life. 


During non-summer months, apply fertilizer at least 20 feet away from storm drains and surface water bodies, such as canals, wetlands, lakes, or the Bay.







Use fertilizers that contain at least 65% slow-release nitrogen.


Manage yard clippings to prevent them from entering stormwater drainage systems or water bodies. They make excellent natural fertilizer for your lawn.   If you apply fertilizers as part of your job, get trained on the best management practices that help protect water resources.






The fertilizer ordinance uses the above general guidelines, but you should always check the Miami-Dade County website for specific requirements and details. These regulations apply throughout Miami-Dade County. Check the laws within your municipality for additional restrictions.

Disclaimer: The County’s fertilizer regulations do not apply to agriculture, livestock grazing pastures, food gardens, golf courses, or certain athletic fields.

Outreach Resources

We've compiled the following materials for you to learn more about the ordinance and share the information with others.

Mr. Fertilizer Video

Watch the video to learn what happens to fertilizer after you apply it to your lawn.

Frequent rains wash away fertilizer before your lawn has a chance to absorb its nutrients. Fertilizer flows down storm drains and into our waterways, where it end up fertilizing algae and causing algae blooms -- leading to murky water, bad smells, fish kills, and starving manatees.

Social Media Posts

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Don’t let your yard be the reason our manatees go hungry.

Skip the fertilizer from May 15 to October 31 and do your part to keep Biscayne Bay swimmable, drinkable, and fishable.

Learn how your lawn care affects our water: https://www.miamiwaterkeeper.org/fertilizerresources



There is so much rain during the summer that plants don't have time to absorb the nutrients in fertilizer before it is washed away into the storm drains, polluting Biscayne Bay.

Don’t let fertilizer (and your money) go down the drain — skip the fertilizer during the rainy season.

Read more: https://www.miamiwaterkeeper.org/fertilizerresources



REMINDER: A new ordinance regulating the use of fertilizer goes into effect soon.

To protect Biscayne Bay during the rainy months, Miami-Dade County’s Fertilizer Ordinance prohibits the use of fertilizers from May 15 through Oct. 31.

Read more: https://www.miamiwaterkeeper.org/fertilizerresources

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For landscaping and lawn care companies General awareness postcard (English) General awareness postcard (Spanish)
Additional Resources
  1. Mr. Fertilizer Video
  2. Teacher Resources
    1. Lesson Plans (grades 6-12)
    2. Fertilizer Lesson Slides (Canva View Only)
    3. Fertilizer Lesson Plans (Edit in Canva)
    4. Fertilizer Lesson PDF (slides with speaker notes) 
  3. Quiz: Are You a Responsible Fertilizer User?
  4. Florida Friendly Landscaping Options
  5. Environmentally Friendly Gardening Tips
  6. Miami-Dade County Marketing Toolkit
  7. State of Florida Limited Urban Commercial Fertilizer Applicator Certification
  8. Fertilizer Lunch & Learn Webinar
  9. Enforcement Memo for Municipalities
  10. Fertilizer Ordinance FAQs



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