1000 Eyes on the Water

Our 1000 Eyes on the Water program is a volunteer-based, community-led, pollution detection and reporting program designed to increase Miami Waterkeeper's ability to monitor the Bay and waterways of South Florida.

Are you passionate about protecting Miami's waterways? Join us in our mission to safeguard these invaluable resources through our "1,000 Eyes on the Water" program.


Have you ever seen something on or near the water that didn't quite look right? Perhaps you wanted to report a potential pollution incident but weren't sure how to describe it, whom to contact, or if it warranted a report. We understand that identifying common pollution issues in South Florida and knowing how to respond can be challenging. That's where our "1,000 Eyes on the Water" program comes in.

Our program empowers you to become a champion for your local waterways by providing you with the skills to observe, document, and report pollution incidents that you may come across during your daily activities. Join the 1,000+ community members who are trained and prepared to report pollution!


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What we'll train you to look out for

We'll equip you to recognize and respond to a variety of environmental concerns, including:

Marine Debris
Oil Slicks
Sewage Leaks
Algal Blooms
Sediment Plume
Fish Kills

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Participating in the "1,000 Eyes on the Water" training isn't just informative; it's also a fun and rewarding experience. By taking part, you'll increase your ability to help protect South Florida's waterways from pollution. Together, we can ensure that our waters remain swimmable, drinkable, and fishable for all. Don't let pollution go unnoticed—join Miami Waterkeeper in safeguarding our precious aquatic ecosystems.

You can take the training online by clicking here:

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If you are interested in hosting a virtual or in-person training, contact us at [email protected].


1,000 Eyes on the Water is made possible by the generous support of:

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