Rachel Silverstein

Executive Director & Waterkeeper

Your full-time Miami Waterkeeper is part investigator, scientist, educator, and legal advocate, f...

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Carla Lovinsky

Office Manager

Carla serves as Miami Waterkeeper's Office Manager, where she works on administrative issues to e...

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Kayla Hauge

Marketing Manager

Kayla serves as Marketing Manager for Miami Waterkeeper, where she works to design and develop ma...

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Collin Schladweiler

Program Director

Collin serves as Program Director for Miami Waterkeeper, where he focuses on marine science progr...

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Elizabeth Kelly

Water Quality Research Manager

With a PhD from the University of Miami, Elizabeth specializes in environmental microbiology and ...

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Aaron Stauber

Aaron received his JD from Georgetown University and a Master of Professional Science degree in M...

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Casey Dresbach

Community Engagement Coordinator

Casey serves as Miami Waterkeeper’s Community Engagement Coordinator, where she focuses on strate...

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Samantha Morejon

Environmental Field Technician

Samantha serves as Miami Waterkeeper's Environmental Field Technician, where she focuses on the w...

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Camilla Smith

Water Quality Field Technician

Camilla was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Even though she attended land-locked University of...

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Sierra Jarriel

Water Quality Field Technician

Even as an Arizona native, Sierra always felt drawn to the ocean. She really discovered her passi...

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Kirk Forbes

Finance and Operations Manager

Kirk serves as Finance and Operations Manager where he focuses on finance and operations activiti...

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