It's time for better protections for reefs.  
Miami deserves a sewage-free bay that is ready for the challenges of the future.  
******RED TIDE ALERT ***** 10/5/18 We are also devastated to report that red tide has been confirmed in additional Broward County locations and in Biscayne Bay, according to the latest...  
It's time for the FPL Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant to clean up it's act.  
Climate change is one of the most complex (and expensive) challenges we face here in Miami, a city that is considered ground zero for sea level rise. We have the...  
Contact us to learn more about becoming a Legal Fund Sponsor and supporting our efforts to bring polluters to justice.  
Will you join our team? 1,000 Eyes on the Water is a volunteer-based, water patrol program designed to train you to observe, document, or report problems on our waterways so...