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Miami Waterkeeper is a science-based organization and science is the foundation of all of our work. We use research, monitoring, and scientific analysis to further our understanding of the best ways to protect our water and the sustainability of our communities. Through our work, we seek to understand how science can address environmental problems, tackle coastal challenges, and inform policy. We work with universities and research-based institutions around the country to use sound science to inform the management of natural resources. 

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Cunning, R., Silverstein, R. N., Barnes, B. B., & Baker, A. C. (2019). Extensive coral mortality and critical habitat loss following dredging and their association with remotely-sensed sediment plumes. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 145, 185–199.

Cunning, R., Silverstein, R.N. & Baker, A.C. Coral Reefs (2018) 37: 145. ** Winner: Best paper of the year in the Journal Coral Reefs**

Cunning JR, Silverstein R, Baker AC (2018) Symbiont shuffling linked to differential photochemical dynamics of Symbiodinium in three Caribbean reef corals Coral Reefs 37: 145-152.

Silverstein et al. (2017) Tenacious D: Symbiodinium in clade D remain in reef corals at both high and low temperature extremes despite impairmentJournal of Experimental Biology.

Pelc et al. (2015) Further action on bycatch could boost United States fisheries performanceMarine Policy 56:56-60.

Science & Research
Science & Research
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