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FEATURED PROGRAM: Ambassador Program

The Miami Waterkeeper Ambassador program is a free 9-month program designed to develop community members so that they can become engaging local environmental leaders and positive changemakers. By the end of the program, Ambassadors will be able to address, and educate others on the complex interrelationships between the social, environmental, governmental and economic issues that underpin life in South Florida.   Through a series of 12 immediately useful  learning modules, participants will develop a strong understanding of the interconnected issues impacting Biscayne Bay, the surrounding watershed, and by extension our community. Miami Waterkeeper Ambassadors will also receive training and mentorship in effective civic engagement, science communication, and advocacy. Travel support funds are available to qualifying participants. Why Should I Apply? Are you interested in learning more about the key problems and potential solutions for our local watershed? The social and economic consequences of these issues? How governments and other decision-makers impact our waterways? If yes, our Ambassador Program is for you! You will:  Develop relevant skill sets including science communication and effective civic advocacy Meet and learn from the Miami Waterkeeper staff, and leaders from like-minded partner organizations  Cultivate a network and community that will support you as you continue on your journey Program Overview Through field trips, training workshops, and group dialogue, Miami Waterkeeper Ambassadors will receive training and mentorship in effective civic engagement, science communication, and advocacy. Each module will include: Prep materials designed to help you get the most out of each in-person session, so that we can immediately dive-in to deeper learning and discussion 2–4 hour in-person sessions, including field trips, hands-on events, training workshops, and more A post-session challenge assignment to solidify skills and build confidence Module topics will include: Core knowledge areas: South Florida water flow from the Everglades to the Bay: History, changes, and restoration Bay Basics: Key ecosystems, critical species, and interconnections Governance primer and civics 101: A crash-course in relevant agencies, decision-processes, and potential levers for change Intersections of justice and climate: An introduction to the many ways the health of Biscayne Bay intersects with the health of our society, from historic segregation to present-day justice concerns Critical skill development:  Individual actions: What can you do in your daily life to protect the Bay Effective science communication: Learn strategies for engaging with different audiences and communicating complex issues Advocacy 101: Learn strategies for effectively engaging policy-makers for change Deeper dives into key problems and solutions: Sewage Plastics and Chemicals of emerging concern Stormwater Nature-based solutions and green infrastructure Fertilizer ordinance and good gardening In order to complete the program and receive their Ambassador Certificate, participants must attend an introductory session and complete 9 of the 12 modules. Who Can Apply? This program is directed at Miami-Dade residents who are 18 years and older. Applications for the 2024-2025 cohort open July 15, 2024 and close August 15, 2024. Questions? If you have further questions, email [email protected] or visit our FAQ page.    

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UPCOMING EVENT: Microplastics Marine Debris Clean-Up - July 21st 2024 Sunday, July 21, 2024

Join Miami Waterkeeper for a Microplastic Clean-up at David Kennedy Park! Microplastics, tiny pieces of plastic less than 5mm in size, pose a significant threat to marine life and coastal ecosystems. Not only will you get to roll up your sleeves and take action, but you'll also learn about the impacts of microplastics and why removing them from our environment is so crucial. So join us at David Kennedy Park and be part of the solution! Together, we can create a cleaner, healthier coastal environment free from the harmful effects of microplastic contamination. Stay tuned for what we plan to do with these microplastics!  Important Volunteer Information: The event starts at 10:00 AM. Please be on time, registration begins 30 minutes before the volunteer workday starts. Please Bring: Refillable water bottle. Stay hydrated and be prepared to work outside! Closed-toe shoes are required and long-sleeved shirts are and long pants are recommended (clothes that can get wet). A hat, sunblock, and insect repellent (recommended). Gloves you feel comfortable wearing (otherwise Miami Waterkeeper will provide gloves). Community service hours are available. Please email [email protected] if you are having trouble RSVP'ing. 

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FEATURED CAMPAIGN: Protect Florida's Reefs

Imagine diving into the crystal-clear waters offshore of Miami, only to find yourself surrounded by a scene of devastation. A moonscape. The water, once teeming with life, is clouded with sediment, and the vibrant coral reefs are now buried beneath a layer of sand. This grim reality manifested during the PortMiami dredging project that occurred from 2013 to 2015. The project resulted in catastrophic damage to adjacent coral reefs, triggering legal action by Miami Waterkeeper and co-plaintiffs. Despite the dredging company’s initial attempts to downplay the environmental impact, subsequent scientific research uncovered extensive coral mortality, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has now released a report that supports our finding that millions of corals were likely killed and at least 278 acres of the Florida Reef Tract was severely impacted. The timing of this revelation is critical, as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is proposing another expansion dredge in Miami, potentially posing a grave threat to already vulnerable coral ecosystems. To mitigate the damage and protect these invaluable reefs, we are proposing a proactive approach involving coral restoration and advanced scientific techniques, promising both economic and environmental benefits for Miami and setting a precedent for national coral restoration initiatives.

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