End Sewage Leaks

The county ignored this sewage leak for a year. We didn't. 

Just a week after we filed a notice of intent to sue, the County has patched the long-neglected leak. We're very pleased the leak has been stopped, but this is just the first step in getting the County to clean up their act.

Miami-Dade and Broward County are plagued with crumbling sewage infrastructure that is cracked and leaking. This has caused tens of millions of gallons of sewage leaks into our waterways over the past several years. Miami Waterkeeper has engaged in legal action to stop leaks, has succeeded in getting long-ignored leaks fixed, and has advocated for more funding to fix the water and sewer system. We've also  collaborated on economic studies to promote a sustainable fix this dire situation.  Miami Waterkeeper also tests waterways for bacteria levels and makes it easy for the public to access the latest water quality information on the Swim Guide app or website. 

Upset about sewage leaking into your waterways? Miami Waterkeeper works to hold polluters accountable and to safeguard our water and public health. Thanks to citizens like you, we can make sure this never happens again. Your gifts empower us to bring polluters to justice.

Take a step and join our fight today! 

Sewage leak video courtesy of P. Kushlan via Miami Waterkeeper. Youtube video produced by Miami Waterkeeper

Miami Watekeeper's news media coverage regarding the sewage leak: Read our July 31, 2017 Press Release HERE


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Miami deserves a sewage-free bay that is ready for the challenges of the future.

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End Sewage Leaks
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