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Post-Irma: What Does It Mean To Be A "Resilient" Community?

Miami Waterkeeper is subject of Rotary luncheon

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Lawsuit filed to block Miami-Dade’s $2 billion sewage treatment plant near the Everglades

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Three Reasons Why You Need To Boil Water After A Storm

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Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend: Wynwood Cleanup, Blocktoberfest, and Miami Spice

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Millions of gallons of sewage and wastewater bubbling up across Florida resulting from Hurricane Irma

In Hurricane Irma's wake, millions of gallons of sewage and wastewater are bubbling up across Florida. In this Washington Post article, Miami Waterkeeper Staff Attorney, Kelly Cox addresses how South Florida faces water challenges due to its low elevation near the ocean, its aging infrastructure, and the porous limestone rock that much of our area sits upon.

Hurricane Irma Overwhelms Sewage Systems

In South Florida, aging sewage infrastructure struggles to handle our booming population. Add a hurricane to the mix, and our sewage systems are often overwhelmed by storm surge, flooding, and power failures - resulting in sewage spills and insanitary conditions. Read more about recent hurricanes' sewage-related impacts in this new piece by Bloomberg featuring Miami Waterkeeper HERE

Stinky Waters from Hurricane Irma

As South Florida faces Hurricane Irma our Staff Attorney & Program Director, Kelly Cox, spoke with Quartz Media about likely storm impacts on our water infrastructure, which "is at risk and could be easily compromised by a storm the size of Irma.” But leaky pipes could be a minor problem compared to the flooding of one of Miami-Dade’s three water treatment plants, two of which are vulnerable because they lie in low-coastal areas.

Staff Attorney Kelly Cox Teaching Environmental Law at RSMAS

We're so excited to announce Miami Waterkeeper staff attorney Kelly Cox will be teaching Environmental Law to graduate students at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science this fall! Our staff members are dedicated to protecting and preserving our watershed and we're proud to support Kelly as she works hard extends our mission! Read more about Kelly in this featured article.

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