About Us

Miami Waterkeeper’s (MWK) mission is to defend, protect, and preserve South Florida’s watershed through citizen engagement and community action rooted in sound science and research. We work to ensure swimmable, drinkable, fishable water for all.

Through our efforts, we support a vibrant and resilient South Florida coastal community and environment for future generations. Our scope of work is diverse, with core issues including clean water, ecosystem protection, and resiliency. Serving our population of more than 4.5 million people across Miami-Dade and Broward counties, Miami Waterkeeper’s approach combines education and outreach, scientific research, advocacy, and when necessary, legal action.

What is a Waterkeeper?

Your full-time Miami Waterkeeper is part investigator, scientist, educator, and legal advocate, functioning as a public spokesperson for our Bay, protecting your right to clean water and empowering you to defend your waterways too. Your Waterkeeper also patrols the Bay, responding to citizen complaints of pollution, monitoring water quality to defend your local waterways, and bringing polluters to justice.

Miami Waterkeeper is a registered member of the internationally recognized Waterkeeper Alliance and is one of nearly 300 independent Waterkeeper organizations working for clean water around the world. The origins of the Waterkeeper movement date back to 1966, when commercial and recreational fishermen came together to save the Hudson River in New York. Their outspoken, citizen-led advocacy ensured that laws were enforced and that their river, livelihood and the health of their families were protected.

In 1999, Waterkeeper Alliance was founded to support these Waterkeeper groups. Today, Waterkeeper Alliance is one of the world’s fastest growing environmental organizations, with nearly 300 Waterkeeper organizations patrolling rivers, lakes and coastal waterways on six continents. 


What's the meaning behind the Miami Waterkeeper logo?

The outline of the circle in our logo is the outline of the Miami Circle, which is a Tequesta archaeological site at the mouth of the Miami River and Biscayne Bay. The site is a perfect circle measuring 38 feet across with 24 holes or basins cut into the limestone. The site was discovered in 1998, and is thought to be between 1700-2000 years old. Shell tools, dolphin skulls, turtle shells, and shark teeth were found inside the circle, indicating that this circle is one of the first known interactions of humans and the water in the Miami area. As we focus on both wildlife, water, and the human inhabitants of South Florida, the circle has meaning for Miami Waterkeeper. The animals found inside of our logo are native to Biscayne Bay and the surrounding waters, including some listed on the Endangered Species Act.



About Us
About Us
HomeMiami Waterkeeper is a South Florida Environmental Group that advocates for Swimmable, Drinkable, Fishable water for all. Working on sea rise, water pollution, coral reef protection, and water issue education.