You can send an email and save lives. Really. Here's how -

Delivered: October 2016

You can help stop a dangerous new rule that puts our health and water at risk.

The stakes are high. You can send an email and save lives. Really.

Florida DEP is trying to pass a rule that will allow for increases in dozens of cancer-causing chemicals in our water, risking our lives, livelihoods, and environment.

That means more stuff like Benzene, a chemical component of fracking waste that is known to cause leukemia, and other nasty toxics in our water and our seafood that will make us sick. You can read more in our July OpEd here.

Many of you signed the petition when the rule was before the Environmental Regulation Commission. Thank you. Now we need your help again. The vote narrowly passed 3-2. The Seminole tribe challenged the rule, but they filed 2 minutes late, and their suit was thrown out. 

EPA will now decide whether to accept or reject the rule. EPA has agreed to hear from the public and we need your comments. If you are worried about higher cancer rates and the exposure of your family, or Florida’s environment and the economy that depends on it, or all of the above, then we need you to send an email to EPA telling them you’re worried and you want them to reject this rule.

Head over to for the instructions on how to help. Every email matters. Please forward this to your network. Please let your city, county, state, and federal representatives know your concerns. It matters.

Thank you for you for making a difference!

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