Water Quality Map

Miami Waterkeeper’s in-house water quality monitoring program involves weekly sampling for the fecal indicator bacteria, enterococci, and other key environmental parameters. We post fecal indicator bacteria levels as "red" (>70 MPN cfu) or "green" (<70 MPN cfu) on the free Swim Guide app and in the map below, per the EPA's recommended recreational water quality thresholds. Our numeric data can be found in the spreadsheets linked on the sidebar. In addition to our own data, we also post the Florida Department of Health Healthy Beaches Program and some Surfrider Miami data on the map below.

Miami Waterkeeper samples Miami-Dade County sites on Mondays and results are available Tuesday afternoon. City of Ft. Lauderdale sites are sampled on Tuesdays with results available Wednesday afternoons. If a site fails to meet water quality standards, we will sample the location again and post the results 24 hours later. Data will appear "grey" if samples are a week or more old. A "special status" symbol will be posted if swimming is not recommended due to a reason besides high bacteria levels (e.g. oil spill, algae bloom, etc.)

For more information about our water monitoring program, specific numeric data, and how to interpret these results, click the links in the sidebar.