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October 2022 Fish Kill in Biscayne Bay

We're experiencing another fish kill.

Fish kills occur when nutrient pollution entering our waterways leads to poor water quality -- so bad that fish and other marine life cannot survive.

Members of the community have been submitting reports of dead and dying fish since the afternoon of October 18. We continue to receive reports and are mapping the issue to know where the problems are originating. (Scroll down for the map.)

How you can help

Monitor the shoreline (and waterways if you're out on the water) for dead and dying* fish and let us know what you find through our report form or email [email protected]. When submitting a report, include photos and videos, an exact location, and the date and time you observed the fish kill.

*Dying fish will be clustered at the surface of the water gasping for air.

Submit a Fish Kill Report

We need to work towards a healthy Biscayne Bay to prevent fish kills from becoming a regular tragedy. Please visit our fish kill page to learn more about fish kills, read the Miami Waterkeeper 2020 Fish Kill Report, and review our Emergency Response Plan.

Read more about fish kills

Read the latest updates about what's happening at our Fish Kill Press page.

Miami Waterkeeper has not received a fish kill report since October 24, 2022, at 2 PM.

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