Meet the Team Protecting the Water you Love

What do we love about what we do at Miami Waterkeeper?

Valentine’s Day. It's a day that elicits different reactions from people - some find it heartwarming, while others not so much. However, at our nonprofit, Miami Waterkeeper, where we are dedicated to preserving water quality in Miami, we've chosen to harness the spirit of this day for a noble cause.

We've asked our team to reflect on what they love about their work in water preservation, and the impact it has on our community. Join us in celebrating this special day by spreading love for our planet and the invaluable work we do to safeguard its most precious resource: water.


"I find magic and inspiration in the natural world. In all the diversity of ways that creatures and critters have found to survive on this planet, and the intricate web of relationships between them. It’s energizing to know that we are working every day to protect our community and the wildlife that lives with us."

Rachel Silverstein, Executive Director and Miami Waterkeeper


"Born and raised in Miami, surrounded by its beautiful waters, my passion for protecting our aquatic ecosystems runs deep. I'm privileged to channel my lifelong love affair with water into tangible action for our community. Growing up, fishing trips and beach days were more than just pastimes; they were moments of connection with the vibrant ecosystems around me. Now, every project and campaign we undertake resonates with that same passion and appreciation for our waterways. At Miami Waterkeeper, I love that  we're not just protecting the environment; we're nurturing a legacy of sustainability and resilience for Miami and beyond.”

Samantha Barquin, Chief of Staff


"I have been fortunate enough to spend my life living within walking distance of an ocean or river: from the stunning Sydney Harbour to the twisting rivers of East Anglia, and from Keppel Bay in Singapore (where reefs are being restored) through to the famed Hudson River. My life’s journey has taken me to majestic Miami (now home!) where my love for water blends with my passion for unifying data, technology and marketing to create purposeful human-centered experiences that drive positive changes in the world and make a meaningful impact within the Miami-Dade community and beyond.”

Rebecca Sharpe, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer


"The ocean provided a sense of wonder and escapism during my childhood exploring the barrier islands of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Searching for crawfish and turtles in local streams was a favorite pastime. Florida’s diverse aquatic ecosystems ranging from Fisheating Creek to cypress domes, bays and her interior springs have given me a deeper appreciation for water and the connectivity of it all. We are water people living on a water planet and must protect the water that we love. Water sustains us and the biodiversity around us. I look forward to spending time with MWK’s supporters on, in and under the water as we deepen our relationship and understanding of the watershed."

Christopher Boykin, Chief Development Officer


"The tides of the Bay of Fundy in Atlantic Canada shaped my early years, and led to an increasingly strong connection to preserving our native ecosystems. Each day now feels like a tide of opportunity to make a positive impact and show Mother Nature some love. My work with Miami Waterkeeper has united my passion with a purpose. My love for nature and the importance of community isn’t just a feeling, it is the driving force behind my unwavering commitment towards a resilient future for all."

Amanda Prieto, Senior Program Director


"I grew up hiking, fishing, and kayaking in the rivers and lakes of the Rockies and the Midwest, and deepened my love of the outdoors and watersports by marrying into a family of sailing and scuba diving enthusiasts. Biscayne Bay and its waterways offer not only solace and an escape for our South Florida community but also a home for a wide variety of vulnerable marine life. I’m proud to be part of a team that advocates for clean water and sustainable practices to protect our natural surroundings for years to come."

Gretchen Clark, Chief Operating Officer


"From the heights of the mountains of Northern Spain, to the shallows of Biscayne Bay, the sea was always calling me! I grew up surrounded by the forested mountains of the Cordillera Cantábrica, home to witches, sorcerers, and mystic creatures, where many endemic species were facing the edge of extinction at the same pace as our traditions were being erased by “modernization.” Life kept my family moving between coastal cities: from the Mediterranean Sea, a quick pit stop in the Caribbean, the San Francisco Bay, and now Miami, the place we have called home for over a decade now. I have always felt the immense need to leave a green legacy for my children, and I am honored that Miami Waterkeeper welcomed me to join the efforts to protect the water we love most!."

Amalia Fernandez Rodriguez, Executive Assistant



Visit our LinkedIn post to meet the full team (we've doubled since 2023!) that are working behind the scenes to protect South Florida's waters by advocating for resilient solutions and clean water solutions, where thriving communities and nature coexist, or head on over to our Twitter feed where the team are talking about what they love about protecting Miami-Dade’s waters with the hashtag #ProtectTheWaterYouLove.