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Miami Waterkeeper Welcomes Marketing Intern, Natalie!

Miami Waterkeeper welcomes our new marketing intern, Natalie Rodriguez!

Natalie Rodriguez was born and raised in Miami, FL. She grew up on the water: fishing, snorkeling, and everything in between. Her love for the ocean began with dolphins. Growing up she dreamt of being a marine mammal caretaker. As she grew up, her interest in animals became more complex. She became fascinated with orcas, then turtles, next sharks, and finally corals. Her focus shifted from the animals in the ocean, to the ocean itself.

She loved educating her friends and family about how to properly treat the ocean and the animals in it. She was frustrated when people couldn’t understand the grandeur of it all. When it came time to focus her studies, she picked something that seemed irrelevant to her passion: advertising. Natalie chose to learn how to educate different audiences. She realized if you know how to talk to different people and keep their attention, they’ll be able to better understand and act on important issues.

As an intern for the Miami Waterkeeper marketing team, Natalie is putting this to the test developing content for the organization’s social media. Now she strives to combine the worlds of mass communication and conservation and forge a new path for communicators in the field of marine science. 

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