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Metabolic Studio provides support to Miami Waterkeeper to Protect South Florida’s Watershed

Metabolic Studio provides support to Miami Waterkeeper to Protect South Florida’s Watershed


Miami, FL – Miami Waterkeeper has received support from the Metabolic Studio for the ongoing and future efforts to monitor water quality in Biscayne Bay and the surrounding waterways.

Metabolic Studio’s mission statement is: “Artists Need to Create on the Same Scale that Society Has the Capacity to Destroy.” Lauren Bon and Metabolic Studio are a team of individuals that work together across a range of investigative platforms, transforming resources into energy, actions, and outcomes.

Metabolic Studio’s support will allow Miami Waterkeeper to scale up current efforts to regularly patrol beaches and waterways, monitor the health of our marine environment, respond to citizens’ pollution reports, regulate marine protected areas for illegal fishing and boating activities, respond to spills and illegal dumping, conduct water sampling, and connect with the public on the water.

This seed funding will contribute to our efforts to create and establish a boat patrol program which will provide a platform for scientific research, citizen science, and educational outreach to the public, media, resource managers, and elected officials to help assess environmental conditions, understand threats, and enforce protections for the water we use for swimming, drinking, and fishing.

“We are so grateful for Metabolic Studio and Lauren Bon’s support of our work. This funding will allow us to have a greater presence on the water in Miami which is critical to defending and protecting our watershed,” said Miami Waterkeeper Executive Director Rachel Silverstein, Ph.D.


Miami Waterkeeper is a Miami-based nonprofit organization that advocates for South Florida’s watershed and wildlife. We work to defend, protect, and preserve South Florida’s watershed through citizen engagement and community action rooted in sound science and research. We work to ensure swimmable, drinkable, fishable water for all. Through our efforts, we support a vibrant and resilient South Florida coastal community and environment for future generations. For more information, visit


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