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FDEP Grants Extension of Time for NPDES Permit FL-0001562 Review

On May 5, 2020, Miami Waterkeeper, Friends of Biscayne Bay, National Parks Conservation Association, Everglades Law Center Inc., and the Sierra Club sent a letter to FDEP requesting an extension of time to determine whether to file a Petition for an Administrative Hearing regarding Turkey Point's Clean Water Act NPDES Permit. 

During these unprecedented times with the outbreak of COVID-19, many individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations have had their operations disrupted -- not being able to operate on a normal or routine basis. There have been significant challenges recently in reaching out to affected members who have concerns about this permit. Specifically, the permit as written may allow for "seepage" from the Cooling Canal System through groundwater and into Biscayne Bay or our drinking water aquifer. 

Last year, FDEP issued the draft permit which raised serious concerns about whether or not the pollution coming from the Cooling Canal system at Turkey Point would be authorized. Miami Waterkeeper and NPCA submitted technical comments on the draft permit which focused on impacts to national parks and protected areas -- specifically highlighting ambiguities in permit scope, monitoring requirements, and definitions of permitted activities. We also submitted supplemental comments which raised concerns about pollution and regulatory backsliding. We remain concerned that the new NPDES permit for Turkey Point does not adequately address pollution coming from the plant. 

Aerial view of the FPL Cooling Canal System (CCS), threatened by increased inundation and flooding in the next twenty-two years -- posing a significant threat by continuing to contaminate Biscayne Bay and our aquifer. (Source: Miami-Herald).

As a result of our request, FDEP issued an extension for review until June 4, 2020. Read full request for extension of time HERE. Read full Order Granting Extension of Time to File Petition for Hearing HERE

We will continue to work diligently on this issue, and our team will keep you apprised of any updates. You can read more about the NPDES permit and what it means for pollution coming from Turkey Point in our previous comments HERE.

If you would like to support our legal fund, which makes our legal action possible, please visit do so here.   

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