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Dredging Déjà vu

Miami’s reefs are in dire need of protection from being dredged again – AGAIN! Yes, that’s right, we’re as shocked as you are.

We recently announced that our efforts secured the restoration of 10,000 threatened corals following the PortMiami Dredging – a huge victory for our reefs.

But, what we didn’t know was that the Corps didn’t dredge deeply enough the first time around and they’re coming back for more. That’s right, the Port of Miami will be dredged AGAIN. We can’t allow this to happen and let the same mistakes threaten our reefs.

The Corps’ dredging project that took place between 2013 – 2015 proved disastrous for the coral reefs. It buried an area of reef under fine sediment that was the size of over 200 football fields.

Miami Waterkeeper attended the Army Corps’ NEPA Scoping Meeting and gave public comments expressing the dangers this new project will pose to our corals. Coral reefs are an invaluable resource. They serve as an important habitat for fish of commercial and recreational importance. Many fish species also use reefs as a spawning ground. Especially important here in South Florida, they also provide coastal shoreline protection, absorbing wave energy and protecting us from storm surge.

Since the 1970s, Florida’s reefs have declined by more than 80%, and another dredging project will only continue the degradation of this critical habitat. Miami Waterkeeper will pay very close attention to this issue and we will do everything in our power to protect our coral reefs!

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