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An Extreme Autumn! New Heat Records for Miami This Fall.

We have had a very hot Fall here in Miami! 

According to University of Miami Researcher, Brian McNoldy, we have been experiencing some unprecedented conditions in our area.


The month of September was our second hottest September on record and also boasted the highest average water level of any September. There were 8 daily record temperature highs and one daily record temperature low. For water level, there were 9 daily record high tides and 9 daily record low tides. For the 4th month this year, a record-high monthly average water level was also set.


October has also produced some unprecedented conditions. 

McNoldy reports that "the average monthly temperature on Virginia Key was 82.1°F, which is not only the hottest October on record, but hotter than the average June! Climatologically, the hottest month here is August at 83.6°F followed closely by July at 83.3°F. Not only was the average temperature the highest, but the average of the highs AND the average of the lows were also both the highest as well." 

October produced 10 new record highs and 5 new record warm lows. And, you guessed it, October 2019 also produced the highest monthly average high tides in history -- the 5th month this year to set that new record. 


Looking out at November, we remain on a warm trajectory. As of November 1, 2019, we have broken the all-time record for the entire month of November at 88.5°F, blowing the old record of 83.1° from 1994 out of the water.  

Image preview

Daily Temperature Graph for Virginia Key, FL -- Credit: Brian McNoldy


McNoldy retrieves the data for his analysis from the NOAA meteorological and oceanographic instruments located at the University of Miami RSMAS dock on Virginia Key. 

What does this data tell us? Miami is hot and getting hotter. Learn more about Miami Waterkeeper's work on climate change resilience work here:


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