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Rising Seas, Sinking Infrastructure: Miami’s Climate Conundrum

Katie Segal, Patrick Lynch, and Michelle Chang for Kennedy School Review write:

Two miles across the water from Miami’s glamorous beaches and luxury apartments lies what is perhaps the city’s most important but underappreciated waterfront property – the Central District Wastewater Treatment Plant. Donning hardhats and reflective vests, a team of Harvard Kennedy School environmental policy fellows toured this lesser-known side of Miami. The facility is operated by Miami-Dade County’s Water and Sewage Department (WASD), the agency responsible for treating sewage and supplying water for 2.3 million residents. After the tour, the fellows shed the vests and returned to the city, crossing the bridge back over Biscayne Bay. Inspired by conversations and first-hand experiences in Miami, the team reflected on the daunting challenges facing the city.

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