Opa-Locka Town Hall

Are you worried about your home flooding as a result of storms?

Are you concerned about the water around you?

Do you want to protect the environment?

Let's take action together!

Attend a town hall meeting focused on stormwater management in the Opa-Locka community. 

Stormwater can be dangerous. Flooding can cause massive disruptions, sewage leaks, property damage, and even pose electrocution risks. Pathogens and contaminants in urban and industrial areas become suspended in floodwaters, creating a health hazard to anyone who comes into contact with it. 

Stormwater discharge throughout Miami-Dade County is one of the most significant sources of pollution for Biscayne Bay; it moves over the land, into canals, and runs off into the Bay, where it affects the greater community. When it rains, pollutants in our streets, like oil, litter, fertilizer, herbicides, industrial contamination, etc., - wash into our storm drains and can flow directly into our waterways and Biscayne Bay untreated. Stormwater runoff can contaminate our drinking water, make our beaches unsafe for swimming, and kill fish and other marine life. Sea level rise and a changing climate exacerbate this problem, as tidal waters edge higher and higher and more intense and prolonged downpours occur. 

Share how water quality flooding and pollution in Opa-Locka have affected you, your family, and your business on October 6 at the Carrie Meek Foundation, 4000 NW 142 Street, Opa-Locka, FL 33054.

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