Miami Beach CAN be More Plastic-Free

Miami Waterkeeper is pleased to support this initiative from our friends at VolunteerCleanup.Org. 


Miami Beach currently has a successful #PlasticFreeMB program to showcase businesses that have implemented practices to reduce single-use plastics from their establishments. The decreased demand for plastics protects our ecologically diverse and economically valuable Biscayne Bay from plastic pollution.

However, on December 8, the City of Miami Beach Commissioners will vote on a new "Beverage Pouring" contract with Coca-Cola.  This contract will span 10 years and 25 million beverages sold, containing mostly single-use plastics to be sold -- rather than aluminum cans. 

“A fundamental part of the movement to become a plastic-free City begins and ends with our local businesses community,” said Mayor Dan Gelber in the #PlasticFreeMB press release in 2018. The City should require that this contract be as plastic-free as possible. The proposed Coca-Cola contract fails to protect the City’s own interest in protecting our beaches and waterways -- or to live up to the City of Miami Beach’s plastic-free goals.

Let the City of Miami Beach’s Commission know that you want the contract to:

  • Require aluminum cans, not single-use plastic
  • Disallow  single-use plastic products when alternatives exist

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