July 2020 Monthly Newsletter

A Message from our Waterkeeper

Our 2019 Annual Report!

  • 2019 was a year full of water wins! We’re excited to share our successes with you. Check out Miami Waterkeeper’s 2019 Annual Report

Digital Events

  • Join us for a virtual panel discussion on “Sustaining Miami’s Water” presented by the FIU Institute of Environment’s Sea Level Solutions Center and the City of Miami. Register here!

  • In partnership with the City of Miami, we are offering a free training session to learn about the City’s new fertilizer ordinance. Learn where, when, and how to apply fertilizer to follow the new regulations. Register here.

  • Join us on July 30 for our virtual commissioner forum of the “Our Miami: People’s Forum” series hosted by The Miami Foundation in partnership with other local nonprofits across the county. We will be joined by the commission candidates for District 3. Register here.

Advocacy Updates

  • There’s still time to comment on The Army Corps’ Back Bay Study! This $4.6 billion proposed plan to address storm surge in Miami includes a 13-foot high floodwall along the Brickell waterfront and largely ignores green infrastructure options. The new deadline to submit comments is August 19, 2020. Click here to take action!

In the News

  • Good news for corals -- the Port Everglades Dredging Project has been delayed again! This time, until 2022. Read more here.

  • We can’t beat the heat! Miami sets new heat records this season. Read more here.

  • Our Waterkeeper weighs in on the City of Miami's draft budget proposal and resilience implications. Read more here.

Community Programs

  • It’s summertime! And, that means that you can skip the fertilizer! The City of Miami, Village of Key Biscayne, North Bay Village, and Village of Islamorada all have summertime bans on the application of fertilizer. Here are some fertilizing tips to save time, money, and help protect our waterways!

    • Want to do more?

      • Share this fact sheet with your friends, family, and neighbors!

      • Take this quiz to learn if you’re a responsible fertilizer user!

      • Watch an episode of Blue News on fertilizer impacts!

      • Prepare for virtual learning with this free lesson plan on fertilizer!

      • Click here to browse all of our fertilizer resources!

Bandanas for the Bay: New Merch Alert

  • Check out these Miami Waterkeeper Coolmax Bandanas --perfect for use as a mask! $7 per mask and FREE shipping. Click here to learn more!


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