Give Miami Day 2022 Champion Instructions

Thank you so much for being a
Miami Waterkeeper Champion for Clean Water
on Give Miami Day, November 14-17!

Below are the steps to create your Champion page. If you hit any roadblocks, please connect with [email protected] to walk you through it.

Step One: Log In

  • Click here to visit the Miami Waterkeeper page on the Give Miami Day website.

  • Click the “Fundraise” button at the top right of the page.

  • You will then be brought to a login page. If you have participated in Give Miami Day in the past, log in (and use the Forgot Password link if needed). If you have not, click “Create Account” and follow the instructions provided.

Step Two: Set up your page

Once you log in, you will be taken to the Champion page setup. Below are suggestions for filling out the form.

Fundraiser Title: “[YOUR FIRST NAME]’s fundraiser for Miami Waterkeeper” (i.e., Rachel’s fundraiser for Miami Waterkeeper)

Custom URL: use your first and last name with no spaces (i.e. rachelsilverstein)

Set a Goal: (This is how much you’re trying to raise.)

  • We recommend picking a number that feels slightly higher than what you think you’re capable of.

  • The minimum gift for Give Miami Day is $25. Think about how many people you will reach out to and the amount they will likely donate. For example, 10 donors at $50 = $500.

  • You will make the first gift to set an example for giving.

Hero image: Click on the photo below to download it and then upload the image to your page. (You can log back in and edit it later if you like.)

Fundraiser Story: Copy and paste the story below, or feel free to write your own. (You can log back in and edit it later if you like, but not necessary.)

I'm very excited to be a Champion for Clean Water this Give Miami Day! I’m supporting Miami Waterkeeper, an environmental organization that ensures swimmable, drinkable, fishable water for all.

Miami Waterkeeper is the only non-profit organization in South Florida that is bridging the gap between science and policy, providing decision-makers with the best and latest research as they shape our future. Miami Waterkeeper also engages the broader community - both youth and adults - in environmental education and civic action.

The health of Biscayne Bay affects us all – whether you live on the water or more inland. That’s why the Miami Waterkeeper team advocates for policies and projects that promote clean water, protect our natural habitats, and make us a more resilient community against sea level rise.

Please join me in supporting Miami Waterkeeper by making a gift today!

After you press “Save Fundraiser,” you will receive an email from The Miami Foundation with a link to your direct fundraising page. Please save your link to send out to your network during Give Miami Day. (Miami Waterkeeper also receives a copy of your link. Please let us know if you ever need it.)

Thank you for being a Champion for Clean Water!

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