Action Alert: Protect Biscayne Bay from FPL's Pollution

Biscayne Bay is at an ecological tipping point – this fragile ecosystem simply can’t handle additional pollutants.

We need YOUR help.

Next week, the Miami-Dade County Commission is voting on a proposed agreement with FPL that would allow the company to use the County's wastewater to clean up the Cooling Canal System at Turkey Point. Using this "reuse" water is a good idea, but we need to be sure it's treated to a high enough level where it won't harm the Bay or our drinking water supply - the aquifer.

The Cooling Canals are currently leaking pollution into our aquifer and Biscayne Bay. The water that goes into the canal system will end up in the Bay. Therefore, we have to be sure that any reuse water that goes into the canals is also clean enough for Biscayne Bay. 

Dirty water in the cooling canals = Dirty Water in Biscayne Bay.

Right now, the agreement does not require FPL to clean the wastewater to a level where it won't harm Biscayne Bay. What's the solution?


Miami Waterkeeper has been urging Commissioners to include water quality standards in the agreement so that there is no risk of adding to our Bay's pollution problems. 

We need YOU to make sure the County and FPL are doing #reuseright

Call your County Commissioner and ask for the agreement with FPL to: 

  • Include Water Quality Standards -- Wastewater must be treated to meet water quality standards for Biscayne Bay. Once treated properly, additional reuse water can and should be reserved for environmentally beneficial projects to restore wetlands and Biscayne Bay.
  • Get rid of the Cooling Canal System – This agreement would help FPL extend its operating license of their plant another 20 years – longer than any other plant in the United States! If this plant is allowed to operate for that long, FPL must update its cooling technology to cooling towers. Period. The Canals are outdating and continually contaminating our Bay and Aquifer – we can’t allow them to continue operation.

Find your County Commissioner here.

ATTEND the Board of County Commissioners Meeting April 10, 9am, Stephen P. Clark Commission Chambers, 111 NW 1 St., Miami, FL 33128. Show your support for #reuseright!


What has Miami Waterkeeper done so far on this issue? Read our letters here.

Letter to Mayor Giménez

Corrections of statements made at the Chairman's Policy Committee 

And watch Program Director and Staff Attorney, Kelly Cox, speaking on behalf of this issue at the County Commission Meeting HERE!


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