Knight Media Forum 2024


Photo credit: Knight Foundation. 

Panel Topic: Resilience by Design

Rachel Silverstein Ph.D. (Miami Waterkeeper and Executive Director) spoke at the annual Knight Medium Forum on Wednesday 24 February 2024, on the topic of Resilience by Design (2:45pm - 3:45pm EST). Rachel and the panelists addressed the topic of "...embracing climate change challenges with proactive, inclusive solutions centered on collaboration and community engagement: in the midst of technological upheaval, environmental challenges, and increasing polarization, we are intensifying our dedication to collaboration. Emphasizing trust, community engagement, and resilience..."


To watch the livestream, with closed captions, please visit the Knight Foundation Media Forum 2024 web page.





Image credits: Knight Foundation.


Ashley Zohn

Knight Foundation


Marcus Coleman

Department of Homeland Security


Amy Chester

Rebuild by Design

Rachel Silverstein

Miami Waterkeeper


Tatiana Hernandez

Community Foundation Boulder County



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