Aspen Ideas: Climate 2024


Photo credit: Daniel Bayer

Panel Topic: Creative Solutions to the Water Crisis

Rachel Silverstein Ph.D. (Miami Waterkeeper and Executive Director) spoke at the annual Aspen Ideas: Climate event on Tuesday 12 March 2024, on the topic of solutions to the water crisis.  

Dr. Silverstein and the panelists addressed the topic of "Storms are inundating coastlines, groundwater is drying up, and the world is beset by unprecedented floods and droughts. There are creative technologies—both high- and low-tech—that can lessen the devastation, but large scale projects are hard to deploy for political and economic reasons. Hear about promising approaches to our interconnected water crises.


Full details can be found on the Aspen Ideas website.




Executive Director, Miami Waterkeeper


Dragan Tutic
CEO, Oneka Technologies


Newsha Ajami
Chief Strategic Development Officer for Research, Earth and Environmental Sciences Area, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab


Nancy Sutley
Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles for Energy and Sustainability