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Protecting Our Goliaths!

September 9, 1958 in Key West. From the Monroe County Library Archives.


 Historical exploitation of goliath grouper greatly reduced the number of reproductive adults, and led to their protection in the Caribbean since 1993. 



On Thursday April 26, 2018, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will vote on a “limited take” proposal for the Goliath Grouper. This would allow for the killing of 400 breeding adults of this species by those holding permitsGoliath grouper is critically endangered on the IUCN red list.

This "take" would reverse the successful protection of these species, which has been in place for 28 years. Protections are working and the population is slowly recovering, but this harvest would be a major set back. 

For more information on this vote, click HERE!


Do you care about protecting the Goliath Grouper? Here's how to help fight for them!

  • Attend the FWC public meeting THIS THURSDAY in Fort Lauderdale at 8:30 AM
    • Location: Marriot Fort Lauderdale North, 6650 North Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309        
  • Speak during the public comment period- sign up to do so the morning of the meeting
  • Call FWC Commissioners (850-487-0554)
  • Write FWC Commissioners an email ([email protected])


Need help with what to say over the phone, or what to write in an email? We've got you covered!

"Dear Florida FWC,

Goliath groupers are the gentle giants of Florida’s marine ecosystem. They are a critically endangered species still recovering from years of overexploitation. I urge you to reconsider the “limited take” proposal now on the table, which would severely deplete the still-recovering Florida Goliath grouper population. Goliath groupers are worth more to Florida alive than dead, as divers flock to see their spawning aggregations and future generations deserve to witness their majestic beauty. Please think of the long-term conservation of this extraordinary species and preserving our amazing coastal diversity.

Thank You, 

[Your Name]"

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