Miami Waterkeeper x Project T.H.U.G. Enrichment Day

Miami Waterkeeper partnered with SeaKeepers to take 18 Project T.H.U.G. 8th and 11th graders out on the water for a day packed full of marine science and conservation. Students embarked from Pelican Harbor Marina and headed toward the mouth of Little River to conduct scientific water quality measurements. Each student had the opportunity to contribute to our science team's research by collecting water quality data with the YSI, a high-tech scientific research tool that measures water quality data. Students also used more hands-on sampling techniques with EarthEcho water quality sampling kits.

The students collected data on pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and the turbidity of the water. The students also observed and identified any sources of possible pollution entering the bay and how those pollutants can affect the water quality.


After the students wrapped up the water quality testing portion of the day, they headed to Pelican Island to learn about marine debris and conduct a clean-up. After they learned about the ways marine debris and pollution threaten the environment, they began their clean up and collected over 40 pounds of marine debris - ranging from microplastics and styrofoam to articles of clothing and food containers - in just an hour.

While on the island, the students also had the opportunity to deploy an underwater drone to get an up-close view of life under the water and gain hands-on experience with a tool that is often used in scientific research.



We want to thank all of those at Project T.H.U.G. for spending their Saturday on the water and getting involved with marine conservation! We'd also like to thank SeaKeepers and BJM Rentals for making the day possible. 

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