Styrofoam ban passed!


Your voices have been heard! Miami-Dade County has agreed to ban Styrofoam products from beaches, parks, and marinas in the county starting in July 2017.

A Miami port dredging project may have damaged the city's offshore coral reef

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Florida Dredging Would Cut Path Across Corals in ‘Crisis’

[embedlycard url=""] "We’ve had bleaching of corals due to high temperatures; we’ve had a really terrible regional disease event last summer,” Silverstein said. “A lot of these things feel like they’re too big to be dealt with on a local level. But avoiding impacts from dredging is something we can control on a local level.”

Divers photographing coral reef ahead of Port Everglades expansion plan

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Dredging Florida coral reef is ‘lunacy’ says Philippe Cousteau, grandson of Jacques

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Cousteau warns of reef damage in Florida port project

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Florida Roundup (See Minute 36!)

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The radiation from Turkey Point should worry you — but not for the reasons you think

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Nuclear Plant Threatens Miami-Dade's Water. Mayor Says, 'This Isn't Flint'

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FPL nuclear plant canals likely violating water quality law

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