Fertilizer Ordinance Petition and Map

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In Florida, 139 municipalities and 32 counties have been passed fertilizer ordinances since 2007. Just over half of municipal ordinances include rainy season bans. Miami-Dade is one of the last regions without an ordinance. 

Click around the map to see the Fertilizer Ordinances throughout the state of Florida. 


  • Orange - Strong Summer Application Ban
  • Green - No Strong Summer Application Ban

Florida Fertilizer Ordinances - Google My Maps

Florida Fertilizer Ordinances


Goal: 882

Miami-Dade County needs a fertilizer ordinance to address nutrient pollution and to protect Biscayne Bay from algae blooms.

Sign below to protect our waterways and show support for a strong Fertilizer Ordinance.

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Fertilizer Ordinance Petition and Map
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