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Miami Waterkeeper Featured in "The Hunt for Sustainable Seafood"

Did you know that what you eat can affect the health of our oceans? Some fisheries are overfished or have environmental impacts, like bycatch or habitat damage. It can be hard to know how to eat seafood sustainably, so we are thrilled to share that Sarah Curry from Sereia Films is here to help! She has launched “Eating Out: The Hunt for Sustainable Seafood,” a video series looking at the connections between our individual seafood choices and the state of South Florida’s water quality and habitat health. For Episode 1, she interviewed our very own Rachel Silverstein, Waterkeeper and Executive Director of Miami Waterkeeper. 

Incentivizing and supporting sustainable eateries and seafood suppliers is a critical tool in achieving healthy oceans. It can be hard to keep it all straight, so after the episode, check out Monterrey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch app to guide your seafood purchases. Miami Waterkeeper Dr. Silverstein also co-authored a study of whether US wild fisheries were mostly meeting the Aquarium's sustainability checks–and they are! Read the peer-reviewed research here.

Click HERE to hear Rachel and Sarah’s conversation on how we can all make better seafood decisions for the sake of our water. 

Be sure to check out the whole series from Sereia Films and do your part to support sustainable oceans. 


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