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HomeMiami Waterkeeper is a South Florida Environmental Group that advocates for Swimmable, Drinkable, Fishable water for all. Working on sea rise, water pollution, coral reef protection, and water issue education.
Caroline is a Brazilian-born South Floridian. Inspired by her love for the ocean and her desire to protect it, she is pursuing a Professional Masters in Marine Conservation at the University of Miami's Rosentiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Outside of academics, Caroline is a meditation and quantum healing facilitator, making people step out of their comfort zone into a state of awareness and compassion, to ultimately change the status-quo. She is also an activist for the environment and for animals. Growing up in Brazil, she nurtured a love for connecting with nature and outdoor activities such as kayaking and bodyboarding, both of which she continues to pursue now in Miami. Love for the planet, a desire to help others, and to cultivate a more aware and peaceful society are Caroline's main goals in life. Goals she started working towards by first fostering an acceptance and love for herself.   Together with her husband, Andre, they support many organizations worldwide, some of which Caroline is an active board member of. She is a mother to 4 wonderful children and 3 dogs.