Water Quality Monitoring

Miami Waterkeeper currently monitors 7 sites for Enterococcus bacteria on a weekly basis. Our sites are designed to cover areas not currently included in the state of Florida's Healthy Beaches program, focusing on locations commonly used for swimming, kayaking, or fishing in Biscayne Bay.

We are testing for Enterococcus, which is a bacteria often found associated with sewage, and therefore is often used as a proxy for swimming safety. 

0-70 enterococci per sample: Safe for swimming

70 enterococci per sample: Not safe for swimming

The results of our sampling efforts will be posted every week on our Swim Guide app, along with the monitoring data from the state of Florida's Department of Health Healthy Beaches program. 

The Miami Waterkeeper water quality testing lab is set up at Ransom Everglades high school. 

Are you interested in the water quality at a site not currently covered? Contact us about sponsoring a new water monitoring location. 


This program is made possible by the generous support of:

Metabolic Studio and Lauren Bon


Water Quality Monitoring Sponsor:



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Water Quality Monitoring
Water Quality Monitoring