Report Pollution


Thank you for taking the time to help keep an eye out for our waterways! Please use the link above if you have a pollution incident to report to us.

Here are some things to keep in mind when reporting to Miami Waterkeeper:
  1. Document everything you observe, with pictures and videos when possible. It might be helpful. What does the water look like? Does it have a smell? Odd color? What seems out of place? What is the tide doing? Is it rainy or sunny? What time is it?
  2. Most importantly, are there identifying characteristics? A boat name? A company name? A license plate? 
  3. Be sure to record the time and the location carefully. Some agencies won’t accept reports without a specific address or coordinates.
  4. Time is especially critical if it’s an active spill or a safety hazard, be sure to report quickly. 

Thank you for helping us keep an eye on our waterways! Have you participated in our 1,000 Eyes on the Water training yet? If not, click here to learn more about how to join the Patrol Team!