Nature Calls You to Action: Comment on the County's Draft Septic Ordinance

Septic tanks, a form of on-site wastewater treatment, are one of the primary sources of contamination for Biscayne Bay. Back in 1970, the County committed to eliminating septic tanks by 1990, but we still have over 120,000 in the County.  

The Department of Environmental Resource Management staff has crafted a new ordinance to help confront this major environmental and public health problem. Join us in urging the County Commission to adopt this important step in addressing septic pollution. 

The new, draft ordinance represents progress in the right direction through the following: 

  • Prohibiting the installation of new, conventional septic tanks.
  • Increasing the septic setback distance from waterbodies.
  • Specifying higher treatment standards to capture greater amounts of nutrients before wastewater reaches canals and Biscayne Bay.

We believe that this ordinance represents valuable progress to help solve a major environmental problem before it gets worse as sea levels and groundwaters rise. 

This septic ordinance will come before the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) for a vote on April 19, 2022. Please take action today to encourage the BCC to approve this ordinance and help protect Biscayne Bay from septic pollution!


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