Biscayne Bay Habitat Focus Area


Miami Waterkeeper is the proud local partner of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s Habitat Blueprint Program. Since 2015, Miami Waterkeeper has been funded to support targeted efforts on the Biscayne Bay Habitat Focus Area (HFA) – an area specially designated by NOAA as "at-risk" for habitat decline and degradation. 

Biscayne Bay was chosen for its high economic and environmental value, and also because it is currently at a “tipping point” for nutrient pollution, resulting in algae blooms. 

Miami Waterkeeper is working with NOAA to reduce land-based sources of pollution by using our core approaches: community outreach, scientific research, and advocacy

In cooperation with academic and agency partners (including the University of Miami, Florida International University, and Florida Sea Grant), we have achieved a number of successes in our time working on HFA issues along with our NOAA partners, including:

Community Outreach & Education

Scientific Research

Civic Engagement 

  • Secured multiple fertilizer ordinances to reduce nutrient pollution, including at the City of Miami

  • Secured resolutions stopping the application of glyphosate by municipalities

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