Miami Waterkeeper: New Website, New Features


We are so excited to finally reveal our brand new website! We’ve been working on this for some time and we’re very happy with the new features we’re able to provide members of the community interested in our work.


Now, when you donate, you’ll receive an optional year-long membership to Miami Waterkeeper–making it easier than ever to join the fight for clean water! Members of Miami Waterkeeper are critical to our work and create a strong community of clean water champions.



Along with our activism, we regularly publish informative blog posts to keep the community up-to-date on how these campaigns are progressing. With our new website, all you have to do is click CAMPAIGNS in the header, select the campaign you’re interested in, and click BLOG on the sidebar to find all our writing related to that campaign.



Always rooting our work in science-based research, we monitor the water quality of your favorite waterways every week. On our free Swim Guide app, we make it easy to access the results of water sampling conducted by Miami Waterkeeper and the Department of Health. Our new website features the same water quality map that you’ll find in the Swim Guide app!

Water Quality Map


Miami Waterkeeper also hosts valuable educational resources on the website. You can find materials such as lesson plans for teachers and parents, fun quizzes, and Miami Waterkeeper’s three-part docuseries Waves of Change celebrating our 10 year anniversary.

Educational Resources


The fight for clean water affects us all. Together, we can guarantee clean water for ourselves, our ecosystem, and the generations to come.

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