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Miami Waterkeeper at Brickell Alliance's Town Hall

Miami Waterkeeper’s Kelly Cox presented at the Brickell Alliance Town Hall to spread awareness about responsible fertilizer use and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) inadequate plan to address sea-level rise in South Florida.

When too much is used or any amount at all is applied during the rainy summer months, fertilizer flows directly into Biscayne Bay. Once those nutrients from fertilizers find their way into the bay, they feed toxic algae blooms that suffocate fish and seagrass. Find more information about our fertilizer ordinance here.

Life in Brickell depends on a healthy Biscayne Bay. The USACE proposal, named the “Back Bay Study,” would construct seawalls and floodgates in Biscayne Bay. Not only would the Back Bay Study fundamentally change the bay we know and love, but it also comes up short when compared to the benefits of nature-based solutions. Mangrove and coral restoration initiatives would increase sea-level rise resilience, storm surge protection, and desperately-needed biodiversity. Read the full community letter in response to the USACE proposal here.



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