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Welcome Samantha!

Please Join Miami Waterkeeper in welcoming Samantha Morejon as our new Environmental Technician! Samantha began her journey at Miami Waterkeeper as an intern in 2020, eventually working her way up to a part-time Field Technician. We are thrilled to have Samantha join us full-time at Miami Waterkeeper. In her role, Samantha will be performing weekly water quality sampling at recreational sites in both Miami-Dade and Fort Lauderdale. 

We grabbed Samantha for a quick Q&A when she wasn't out in the field -- asking about her goals, how she got to where she is today, and more. Please read below to get a deeper dive into Samantha’s journey to becoming our Environmental Technician!

What are your goals within your new role?

"Furthering my skills in water quality sampling is my primary goal. But further than that, I look forward to taking part in pollution reporting aspects, vetting the individual reports, reporting them to proper personnel, and experiencing more of a "behind the scenes" look when something happens and what we do exactly to address it. I also look forward to my scientific research responsibilities, this will include analysis using R, GIS to create visual maps, and a lot more than just sampling!" 

"I am also so excited to work more in the community alongside the Outreach team!"


Tell us a little bit about your Miami Waterkeeper experience. You started with us as an intern and now you’re full time!

"In June 2020, I began as a Programs Intern. My responsibilities included working with the Junior Ambassadors Program and the Water Quality Monitoring Program, working closely with Dr. Elizabeth Kelly, Miami Waterkeeper’s Water Quality Research Manager. I was involved with several different projects as they pertained to clean water advocacy and got to experience more than just one asset of the organization.

A few months ago, I interviewed and joined as the part-time Field Tech position to expand knowledge with water quality, new tools, and then most recently joined full time as Environmental Technician!"


What are your favorite parts about Water Quality Sampling?

"Taking samples is a routine task but it gets exciting when you get to speak to the community at the same time. They see you with a mask and gloves on and kids, and all ages, approach us with questions about what we are doing. It's a great opportunity to educate all members of the public on the water as an invaluable resource and what we do as an advocacy organization to ensure its health." 


Where did you grow up?

"I grew up in Kendall, FL. As a kid and into my teenage years I also spent a lot of time outdoors and grew up recreating around the water."


When did you realize you wanted to join the Marine Conservation field?

"I have always been an outdoorsy person. I used to go fishing and camping a lot with my family. Further than that, marine life has always been important to me throughout my life.

Throughout my education, I was deeply invested in environmental sciences beginning in high school. Then in grad school, I was introduced to water resource assessments through one of my courses and had a great professor who furthered my interest in water as a resource and its entire value." 

Thank you Samantha for your commitment to keeping our waters swimmable, drinkable, and fishable for all. We are looking forward to working more with you and welcome to the Miami Waterkeeper team! 

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