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Rachel Silverstein on Lunker Dog's Reel Guy Podcast

Miami Waterkeeper’s Rachel Silverstein appeared on Lunker Dog’s Reel Guy Podcast on January 5, 2021. The two had an engaging conversation about the various threats facing Miami’s water quality and what we can do as a community to ensure clean water for all.

Rachel discussed the massive fish kill that occurred in Biscayne Bay in the summer of 2020 and how the local community stepped up to fight it: “We had so much dead fish wash up on the shore, and we put out a call to have people pick it up...and dozens and dozens of people showed up on their Saturday to pick up dead, rotting fish in order to help the bay.”

They also discussed the incalculable danger that dredging projects like PortMiami and the Fort Everglades expansion pose to our imperiled coral reefs -- and the fish communities that depend on them.

We all have a role to play in creating a future with clean water. 

Listen to their conversation and become inspired to do your part.

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