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Miami Waterkeeper Shares Our Mission at eMerge Americas

The concept of eMerge is simple, both established enterprises and bold new startups collect in one shared space, giving them the unique opportunity to network with each other on a large scale. Media, investors, business, higher education, and startups are at the heart of this yearly technology expo held in Miami Beach. These sectors gather for the opportunity to advance both practical and digital solutions by building stronger relationships with one another. eMerge facilitates these relationships by holding different events, such as presentations or discussion panels, that are specifically designed to be of interest to more than one of these different enterprises. 

So where does Miami Waterkeeper fit into all this? In 2018, we launched our in-house routine water quality monitoring effort. Each week, the Miami Waterkeeper team collects water samples from strategic locations in Biscayne Bay and we test those samples for fecal indicator bacteria. If our sampling shows unsafe levels of bacteria in the water, we let the public know via our free app -- Swim Guide. The Swim Guide app displays our sampling data in a user-friendly format to let you know about the water quality status of your favorite swimming spots. 

eMerge was a great place to showcase our work with Swim Guide. This platform allowed us to raise awareness about water quality issues in our area and also highlight how innovative technology can help address some of these problems. 

We are currently looking to expand our water quality monitoring program to include more sites and recreational areas throughout Biscayne Bay. Interested in learning how you or your company can help support this effort through underwriting? Contact [email protected] for more information. 


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