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Miami Waterkeeper Member Mark Grafton Runs Marathon for Clean Water

mark_grafton.jpgMark Grafton runs for clean water! 

In the early morning hours of Sunday, January 28th, the Fitbit Miami Marathon and Half Marathon took over the streets along Biscayne Bay and Miami Beach. Among the runners participating was Mark Grafton, a lifelong Miami resident, and Miami Waterkeeper member. This was the first marathon Grafton had ever run, and he was doing it with a special cause in mind. Grafton trained for and competed in the marathon all while fundraising in support of Miami Waterkeeper. “I have known about Miami Waterkeeper for some time. It is an organization I wholeheartedly support,” Grafton said.  Having never run more than half the distance of a full marathon, Grafton said participating in the race was “quite a challenge.”

A large portion of his training took place at Kennedy Park, right along Biscayne Bay. To Grafton, the support of his fundraising efforts  “means that I know a lot of people that can recognize a good cause when they see one. It was great to see people jump in as quickly as they did.” Grafton’s efforts will go toward continuing Miami Waterkeeper’s work in ensuring swimmable, drinkable, and fishable water in South Florida, because, as Grafton said, “the environment needs advocates, too.” Mark raised over $1,000 through his efforts and every dollar supports our work to protect and defend South Florida's watershed. 


Interested in crowdfunding for clean water? Start your own online fundraiser today!

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