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Day on the Bay 2019

On February 27th, 2019, we were joined by the Microsoft Cities Civic Engagement Team, The Miami Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, local community leaders, elected officials, and their staff on a boat tour to discuss issues Biscayne Bay faces and various efforts to being made throughout Miami-Dade County to mitigate those issues. The Day on the Bay tour is a learning experience that allows public officials and community leaders to interact and learn from local scientific experts.

While on-board we discussed Biscayne Bay’s watershed, land-based sources of pollution, critical habitat, threatened and endangered species, algal blooms, water quality research, and monitoring, as well as best management practices, to reduce pollution in the Bay. Members on board had the opportunity to see areas of interest in the Bay while hearing from experts. Leaders gained an in-depth and impactful understanding of the unique challenges our region faces and opportunities they provide the community.

Thank you to our attendees, and everyone who came to speak about all of the great work being done throughout the County. What an incredible day with inspiring conversation. A special thank you to The Miami Foundation for making this program possible with a generous grant. Miami Waterkeeper has offered several Days on the Bay in the past and has grown to reach more than 100 community leaders. With growing success, we hope to continue to offer Day on the Bay tours in the future.


Click Here to view more photos from our Day on the Bay event!

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