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COVID-19 Outbreak & Change In Water Quality Testing Protocol

Because COVID-19 has been detected in fecal matter and wastewater, Waterkeeper Alliance suggests that those sampling water change their protocols.

Specifically, the recommendations included consideration of whether there could be a sewage overflow upstream of the sampling area. In the interest of safety, no volunteers should be allowed to help collect samples, and all staff should be equipped with protective gear, such as face masks and gloves. Waterkeeper Alliance also recommends against swimming or fishing in waters near communities with a COVID-19 outbreak. 

Miami Waterkeeper has temporarily suspended its routine water quality sampling. In the event that sampling becomes possible, we will resume according to the safety protocols suggested in this memo to best protect our employees. 

We continue our community pollution reporting efforts. If you see something in your community that appears to be pollution, illegal dumping, injured wildlife, or anything out of the ordinary - be sure to report it to [email protected]! Thanks for keeping an eye out! 

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