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Keeping penalties for polluters in the Clean Water Act

Directly contradicting Congress, the EPA wants to do away with essential Clean Water Act provisions. Our coalition is working hard to make sure this doesn’t happen. States must uphold environmental standards that, at a minimum, meet federal standards. They can exceed them, but they cannot reduce them.

In response, Earth Justice sent a letter on behalf of Miami Waterkeeper and several local, state and national conservation organizations devoted to protecting the Nation’s lands, water and wildlife to urge the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to withdraw its proposed rule changing the Criminal Negligence Standard for State Clean Water Act 402 and 404 Programs. The proposed amendment is an unlawful interpretation of the negligence standard required under Clean Water Act, in that it would allow for state-assumed enforcement to be less stringent than federal enforcement, in violation of federal law. This change would ultimately weaken protections for wetlands, water, and wildlife.

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