Valuing Nature: A Tour and Discussion on Wastewater Reuse and Wetland Restoration

Join us!

Join us for a panel discussion on the importance of quantifying ecosystem benefits as a resiliency measure for Miami Dade County.

We will discuss nature-based infrastructure, ecosystem services, and natural capital as a means of making our County more resilient to sea level rise and other climate change-related threats, with a specific focus on wastewater reuse.

We will also share our newly released Earth Economics study on the value of restored wetlands and tour a pilot restoration site!

Tour by Dallas Hazelton,  Natural Areas Management, Miami-Dade County 

Rachel Silverstein, PhD (moderator), Miami Waterkeeper
Lee Hefty, DERM, Miami-Dade County
Kevin Lynskey, Water and Sewer, Miami-Dade County
Bahram Charkhian, South Florida Water Management District
Julia Wester, Msc, PhD - Field School, Blue Backyard Miami, University of Miami Abess Center

8:00-8:45am  breakfast at Deering Estate Visitor Center
8:45-9:00am  transport to restoration site
9:00-9:30am  tour of site
9:30-9:45am  transport to visitor center
9:50-11:00am  Presentation & Panel Discussion

Meet at the Deering Estate Visitor Center between 8:00-8:30am. Due to limited parking at the site, a Deering Estate shuttle will take guests to and from the Powers Property restoration site. Wear comfortable shoes for walking across uneven ground.  If you can only attend the panel discussion, please meet at the Visitor Center at 9:45am.

Karl Brent Donna Fong-Yee Rebecah Delp Vernal Sibble Deixi Esquerra Patrick Shearer Shannon Jones Mariusz Gałczyński Andrea Cross Dean Richardson Rachel Streitfeld Jenna Efrein Robyn Nissim Omar Bendezu Vincent and Kristen Scorza cristal espinosa Julie Morcate Allan Webb Aileen Escarpio Adam Steckley Alisha Graha Javier Echaniz Rachel Young Ed Pritchard Heather Tedlow Diane Lockwood Candida Medrano Barry J White Maria Luisa Estevanez Eduardo Balarezo Antonella Palazio John Abbott Joe Fernandez John Lenahan Marie Metz Jacqueline Kellogg Alexander Zastera Jenna Vazquez Matt Pourbaix David Acosta Teri Abraham Robert Mahoney Serena Anaya Janet L Stevens Laura Chaibongsai

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Please RSVP: Valuing Nature: A Tour and Discussion on Wastewater Reuse and Wetland Restoration
Valuing Nature: A Tour and Discussion on Wastewater Reuse and Wetland Restoration
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