Water Patrol Handbook

Your one stop shop for all things Water Patrol! Be sure to take a copy with you when you go out on patrol.

Click here for the Water Patrol Handbook


Water Patrol Log

We encourage all Water Patrol members to fill out a patrol log for each patrol conducted, regardless of an incident occurring. Its a short form meant to inform Miami Waterkeeper where and when we have members patrolling.

Dowload and print the Water Patrol Log form
Complete the Water Patrol Log form online

Haga clic aquí para obtener el Acuerdo de Registro de Patrulla de Agua


Water Patrol Incident Report

In addition to the Patrol Log, please fill out an Incident Report if you witness an illegal or suspicious discharge or other issue. Note the time, precise location and GPS coordinates, and weather conditions at the time you witnessed the incident. Remember to document the occurrence if you can! Submit any photos or videos you take with the Incident Report form.

Report an incident online
Download the Water Patrol Incident Report form

Haga clic aquí para obtener el Acuerdo de Informe de Incidente de la Patrulla de Agua


Volunteer Liability Agreement

You have to fill out this form and return it to Miami Waterkeeper before you can be a member of the patrol. Download the form and fill it out and send either a digital pdf or scanned copy to hello@miamiwaterkeeper.org

Click here for the Volunteer Liability Form

Haga clic aquí para el Acuerdo de Exención de Responsabilidad


Training Seminar Presentation

A PDF version of the presentation presented at the Training Seminar is available here.

Click here for the Training Seminar Presentation

Haga clic aquí para ver la Entrenamiento de Patrulla de Agua


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