Teacher-Sponsor Information

Junior Ambassador Program

The Junior Ambassador program is a free environmental education and leadership program for high school students offered by Miami Waterkeeper. This program teaches students about environmental issues in South Florida, the basics to civic engagement and environmental advocacy, and also provides great service learning experiences. Students have the opportunity to develop and strengthen their leadership, communication, advocacy, and management skills in a near-peer mentoring environment. 

Teacher-Sponsor Obligations

In order to apply to the Junior Ambassador program, applicants must identify a Teacher-Sponsor at their school. The Teacher-Sponsor should be supportive of the applicant's experience in the Junior Ambassador program. Ideally, the Teacher-Sponsor will help the student to facilitate a presentation to an after-school club, another class, or peers upon their completion of the program. 

Nominate a student!

Junior Ambassadors are dedicated students who have an interest in science and protecting the environment. If you are faculty member and know of an exceptional high school student who would be a great fit for this program, we encourage you to nominate them. Send an email to hello@miamiwaterkeeper.org to nominate a student today! 


If you have questions about program requirements or the optional nomination process, you can call 844-847-2295 or send an email to hello@miamiwaterkeeper.org


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Teacher-Sponsor Information
Teacher-Sponsor Information