Impervious Surface Ordinance Action Alert

Miami’s water environment is changing. With the ocean swelling and groundwater levels rising to the surface, and with drastic rain events occurring—all of this water needs some place to go. Yet Miami is also growing, and this means more hard surfaces like buildings, parking lots, and roads. More water and less pervious surface (like open, natural areas where rain can percolate) leads to dangerous flooding. Hard surfaces mean floodwaters quickly run off the land, so pollutants, bacteria (think dog poop) and fertilizers have no time to settle out—this means dirty, contaminated water running through our neighborhoods, into our canals and rivers, and eventually into the Bay.

Be Heard

This is why the proposed impervious surface ordinance is so important. It updates regulatory standards to improve Miami’s water quality and reduce future risks of flooding, leading to enhanced climate resilience. Key development standards related to drainage, impervious surfaces, and water quality protection will be modernized.

In 2022, Miami Waterkeeper and Everglades Law Center issued a comprehensive stormwater report card, revealing how important stormwater management is to our community, and signaled the progress we need to make to manage stormwater in the face of a changing climate and hydrosphere. Later that year, Miami-Dade County passed a stormwater resolution committing to more stringent water-quality protections and penalties. This Resolution laid a great foundation for updating County water policy. Now, in 2024, County water policy is being updated by way of the Impervious Surface Ordinance.

Take Action

  • Sign the action alert, below, telling the County Infrastructure, Operations, and Innovation Committee (CIOIC) to vote YES on this ordinance when they convene on July 9th.
  • Come down to the CIOIC meeting at 9 AM on July 9th to give public comment. Meet Miami Waterkeeper at the Stephen P. Clark Government Center (111 NW 1st Street). Bring your ID, check in at the first-floor registration window, and tell them you’re going to second-floor commission chambers for the CIOC meeting. Then, sign up to speak at the table outside chambers. (Don’t forget to state your name and address first when you go up to the lectern to speak😉).
  • Share this alert with your friends and tell them to join us at the meeting.


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