Sustainable Urban Gardening and Education Workshop

An interactive Zoom workshop all about sustainable gardening and education in South Florida!


When we think about sustainable & equitable gardening…

Gardening might be more wasteful than you think: consider plastic pots, plastic plant labels, and even the harmful chemicals that run off as waste into our environment and drinking water. In addition, chemical use and the drastic historical loss of native plants are impacting the pollinators and wildlife necessary to sustain plant life (1). However, gardening education can counter these negative impacts; it has even been shown to boost academic performance and is especially important for communities with low access to fresh foods (2).


For these reasons, we are excited to be hosting a workshop to discuss eco-friendly urban farming and education initiatives with some incredible South Florida businesses and organizations. Join us to learn about the leading members of our community supporting the best practices in sustainable gardening and farming education, and about how you can get involved. We will hear from:

  1. Jennifer Possley, South Florida Conservation Program Manager at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden | the importance of native plants & how you can acquire free ones through the Connect to Protect Program
  2. Muriel Olivares, Co-Owner of Little River Cooperative | low-waste, chemical-free, urban gardening, and Community Supported Agriculture
  3. Jackie Roth, Project Coordinator at Lotus House Shelter | educating shelter guests about gardening & a tour of their hydroponic farm
  4. Rachel Silverstein, Executive Director of Miami Waterkeeper | how this all relates to the recent fish kill and how sustainable gardening & community involvement can help save Biscayne Bay


This event will last about an hour and will end with a quiz- winner will receive a Debris Free Oceans reusable bag and set of reusable straws! The workshop will take place via Zoom- RSVP required! Register via EventBrite HERE. 

You will be prompted to pre-register to receive the Zoom invitation, which will also be sent to the RSVP emails an hour ahead of the event. Due to membership limitations, the Zoom participants will be capped at the first 100 people to sign on. Overflow will be directed to the Debris Free Oceans Facebook page where the event will be streaming live.







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Please RSVP: Sustainable Urban Gardening and Education Workshop
Sustainable Urban Gardening and Education Workshop
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